f:resetValues appeared since JSF 2.2 to fix a behavior that could appear under some conditions that caused some UI components to not reflect the real bean state. This Facelet can be used for non-AJAX request, if using f:ajax, just use f:ajax resetValues attribute.

General Usage

Use for to configure which single component value you want to be reset for avoiding behavior mentioned above. Use render to add a list of clientId (not id as usual) to which the values would be reset. Important note: this attribute doesn't support any word for some scopes like @form, so you should add each of them. To check this behavior, follow these steps:
  • Add some text in one of the fields below, then click on the Submit button
  • A validation error will show up. This is expected behavior at this point.
  • Now click on Reset. actionListener is invoked and resets both fields, so the inputText should be empty after this request, which wouldn't be true if f:resetValues was not used.

    Codi font

    <ui:composition xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xmlns:f="http://xmlns.jcp.org/jsf/core"
    	xmlns:h="http://xmlns.jcp.org/jsf/html"	xmlns:ui="http://xmlns.jcp.org/jsf/facelets">
    	<h:form id="resetFrm">
    		<h:messages />
    		<h:inputText id="required1" value="#{resetValuesBackingBean.requiredText1}" required="true"/>
    		<h:inputText id="required2" value="#{resetValuesBackingBean.requiredText2}" required="true"/>
    		<h:commandButton value="#{i18n['submit']}" />
    		<h:commandButton actionListener="#{resetValuesBackingBean.actionListener}" immediate="true"
    			<f:resetValues render="resetFrm:required1 resetFrm:required2" />
    public class ResetValuesBackingBean {
    	private String requiredText1;
    	private String requiredText2;
    	public void actionListener() {
    	public String getRequiredText1() {
    		return requiredText1;
    	public String getRequiredText2() {
    		return requiredText2;
    	public void postConstruct() {
    		this.requiredText1 = null;
    		this.requiredText2 = null;
    	public void setRequiredText1(String requiredText1) {
    		this.requiredText1 = requiredText1;
    	public void setRequiredText2(String requiredText2) {
    		this.requiredText2 = requiredText2;
Liferay Faces Bridge Implementation 5.0.0 + Liferay Faces Portal 5.0.0 + Showcase Common 3.1.1 + Liferay Faces Util 3.4.1 + Mojarra 2.2.20